by Aaron Badgley
Europa My Mirror

Quintron – Europa My Mirror

Goner Records – December 1, 2017

ISBN – 978-0-999-5400-0-8

Book Review By Aaron Badgley

Europa My Mirror is a memoir about a tour through Europe, written by Quintron, a musician/artist/writer/inventor based in New Orleans. He works with Miss Pussycat (Panacea Theriac), who provides the drawings for this book. I could write an entire article about these two, but why bother when this book exists. Almost everything you need to know about these artists can be found in its pages.

Quintron says that most of the book is true, but really it does not matter if it is all true or all a put on, because it is the gist of the book that matters. This is a book about artists and their work. Performing is not work, but travelling, making arrangements, paying bills, organizing, staying clean, eating healthy and sleeping, that is the work. The performing is play.

Although the book presents the darker side of touring, it is also about something more, something bigger. Quintron does not hate touring, in fact he gets a great deal out of performing, but it is not all roses. The mirror mentioned in the title is really a mirror reflecting American ideals, and American culture. The bit about McDonald’s in Portugal is downright funny and sad. And never preachy. Factual (maybe) and direct, but not preachy.

That is the thing about Europa My Mirror, I found myself laughing out loud and minutes later wondering why I was laughing. It is funny but dark, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Quintron’s music or website.

Quintron has a very natural style of writing. It is very readable and quite honestly a book I did not want to put down. It is a short, quick read, but one that I read twice to make sure I did not miss anything. He packs a lot in the 125 pages and Miss Pussycats drawings are the icing on the cake.

I want to relate the stories told in this book, but I could not do it justice. This is a book that simply must be read to be enjoyed. Future musicians and future rock stars could benefit from reading this, or it could totally depress them, either way, it is well worth their time. You do not have to be a professional musician to appreciate the humour, stories and philosophies throughout the book (and yes, he does have some very deep insight into situations).

Europa My Mirror is one of the most honest books I have read by a musician. That is not to say everything relayed in the book is true, but it is honest. Quintron is an excellent story teller and is able to gain the empathy of the reader. It presents an insight into Americana, professional music and Europe not often found. The book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for my money, it is probably the best music based book I have read this year. Now, I have to rediscover all the music again!

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