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Marielle Kraft Track-by-Track of The Deep End EP

  • Test Drive — I’m not usually someone who approaches life and relationships with the kind of edge found in Test Drive, but I think that’s why this song is so freeing and empowering for me. It takes these harsh, cynical emotions and releases them in a way that is engaging, exciting, and meant to bring others together. The idea that this song of painfully breaking two people apart can, in turn, be an anthem of moving forward with heads held high, for me, is the sweetest kind of break up retribution.
  • Toothbrush – This is the most detail-oriented song I’ve written, and it’s 100% truthful…maybe to a fault? On the morning after a reluctant first date, I woke up to find a bold toothbrush by my sink and spiraled into an ocean of “hell no”, “this is WAY too much”, and “never again”. This song was written 15 minutes after I disposed of said toothbrush. It’s meant to be fun and laughable, but the bridge of the song holds the weight of all I was feeling underneath the surface.
  • Out of River – Almost every one of my songs that are released or makes it to the stage was written in one sitting. “Out of River,” however, was a work in progress for nearly two years. Every few months, I would scribble a few more verse lines and try to work through a chorus, but nothing ever felt right. Usually, I’d scrap a song like this that refused to click, but for some reason I couldn’t let this one go. It wasn’t until I was in Nashville for the first time with producer Cameron Rochte, bringing this half-written song to the table yet again, that the chorus fell out of me in one fell swoop. As I stepped back and reflected on where I’d been writing the beginning of this song and where I am now, this hindsight was the piece I’d been missing in bringing this concept full circle. When I wrote the verses, the song was titled “We’re running like a river”, but almost two years later I now see that even though my relationship seemed to be flowing along back then, in reality, we were headed for danger. The song became “Out of River” and, although it’s a sonically a bit different than the other songs on my EP, I feel it’s become exactly what it should be. Over time, it’s become my favorite windows-down driving song, the one I find getting stuck most in my head, the one I learn to love more every time I hear it. Sometimes great songs are worth fighting through. For me, this was one of them.

  • Box – For so long, I didn’t share this song with anyone. Every time I played it, I was brought right back to my 3am bedroom floor, the box of my returned belongings still taped because I couldn’t bear to reopen fresh wounds. But once I started to tentatively bring this one to the stage, only for small rooms that I trusted, the most beautiful thing happened. Out of any of my other songs, people would pull me aside and react to Box by vulnerably sharing stories of their own. We’d cry together, hug one another, and through this song my healing process truly began. I was certain that this song needed to be released, and it would need to be arranged as emotionally and authentically as the moment when I wrote it. This is absolutely the most special, and hardest, song I’ve ever written. I hope people find solace when they hear Box, and that they realize they are not alone.
  • Better Without You: Contrary to what its title implies, this is not a sass-filled break-up song, but instead an empowering “I’m moving on” anthem. I specifically placed it as the last track on my EP because it feels like the perfect farewell to the relationship that consumed this chapter of my life. These lyrics reflect promises I’ve made to myself lately about being a better version of who I am – practicing things like empathy, listening to others more intently, self-care, and healthy reflection. Now that I’m living back in Delaware, where my relationship largely took place, I’m making a very intentional choice to write a new narrative here without being consumed by challenging memories of my old one. And so far, I’m proud of the person I’m becoming.

Marielle Kraft
The Deep End
Release Date: July 12, 2019

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