by Jamie Lawlis

Don Dokken
Solitary (Expanded Reissue)
Deadline Music

It was 2008 when Don Dokken first released Solitary.  A decline in music sales and distribution were in full swing shifting markets. Perhaps that is why it was first decided to have the CD exclusively available for purchase at select acoustic dates for a 2008 tour with Queensryche. He has however recently pointed out that he did not feel that the album had a proper release. It has now been released for the first time on all digital formats featuring three bonus tracks, as well as a limited-edition red vinyl pressing.

Opening track “In the Meadow” is reminiscent of Heart covering Led Zeppelin. It sets the path for a safe and familiar journey that can be appreciated for its peacefulness, as well as the romanticism of Blackmore’s Rainbow. “Jealous” is a cover of a song by English electronic composer Labrinth, and comes out like a soft “Dream Theater” number, while “Ship Of Fools” has Tony Franklin playing his fretless bass with a signature sound going into an atmospheric space where Porcupine Tree usually is.

The most fulfilling moment here is one of the bonus tracks, the final track to round out the album. “All That Love Can Be” was written by his friend, film composer James Horner who died in a 2015 plane crash. Originally written for the film  A Beautiful Mind, a heartfelt mood is created here out of a very deep melodic chord arrangement.

Now that Solitary has had its proper release, fans can make sure they have their hard copy in their music collection. Charming bells and whistles are here for the taking, and rightfully there is no element of surprise and danger as with his heavy metal band Dokken. This album is sitting in the middle of the road for me. Nothing is so good and yet nothing is so bad. Another solo album is due later this year and if anyone is still listening, we can sit back and see what a proper release looks like.

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